Life in United Kingdom

Having an exuberant multiracial society, the United Kingdom provides an exceptional learning environment that is recognised and appreciated all around the world. As international students prepare to adjust in the UK’s diverse environment, colleges and universities welcome them by organising various events including a welcome party, on-campus orientation day and seminars just before the commencement of formal lecture sessions. This is the time and opportunity for most students to make friends and contacts with people of different backgrounds. There are also various social and culture-related activities & events held throughout the year for students who come from abroad to study in the UK. A number of academic and non-academic clubs & societies are facilitated by universities to get as many stakeholder students involved as possible for access to work opportunities.

A Warm Welcome into the Kingdom

For several decades, the United Kingdom has welcomed students from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We have a long experience of serving international students with what they need most – a good education and a diverse learning environment. Special support and consultancy services are provided to students as early as the time they apply for education and throughout their stay period, till their final days at the UK. A certain number of institutions arrange for the arrival of international students at the airport by offering conveyance and a guaranteed time period for on-campus accommodation (usually up to one year).


An international office is set up that is dedicated to serving student needs. Other important educational entities include (planned) social activities, academic support, counselors and advisers. With all essential resources available, the UK has one of the lowest drop-out rates in the world for colleges and universities

Students of International Backgrounds

The international students studying in the UK find it easy to adjust to and develop a wide-ranging and intriguing lifestyle. The UK’s major cities offer some of the most beautiful skylines and tourist attractions that also extend special discount for students. Public goods are free and so students who love to travel will find it convenient to put their money into useful recreational activities. Not only do students gain value through education but they also experience a high standard of living.


Each university in the UK has its own student unions that organise extra-curricular activities including theater plays, musical performances, movie nights and quiz nights. There are a number of sports events (including football, cricket & volleyball) and sports clubs that are run through these unions. It is a great way to meet new people and engage in activities with them such as painting and movie watching as part of an improved student life.

Health Care Facilities and Student Welfare

Despite the fact that adjusting to UK’s changing environment is not difficult, some challenges do exist which students have to deal with as conditions can often be extreme. In the initial days of stay, students may face difficulties in personalising themselves. However, things are quite fair as students are able to avail premium health care provided at affordable price levels. International students can acquire these facilities and the services are also valid for a selected number of students’ relatives who visit the UK from abroad. Students are entitled to get free medical treatments from National Health Service after they have completed a minimum of 6 months into their program of study.

A Multicultural Environment for All

Student in the United Kingdom believe in living an active life by getting together for various occasions and enjoying themselves. Theatrical performances, concerts and art galleries can be found in all parts of UK, especially urban areas. There are also major sports events almost every month and people enjoy dining out in restaurants of every cuisine from around the world. Pubs and discos are open to all adults. A number of multicultural events are also held.

  • China Town:

    Get a chance to try genuine Chinese cuisine and taste from a variety of nonnative food made by China Town’s finest restaurants and supermarkets.

  • Brixton Market:

    Students can purchase an array of Afro-Caribbean foods from the busy but lively market. Also hidden in the streets of Brixton, students can find art galleries that exhibit the works of amateur and upcoming professional artists.

  • Shri Swaminarayan Temple:

    Students have the chance to embrace diversity by visiting the largest Hindu temple outside of India and experience true peace & discovery through observance of this architectural masterpiece.

  • Kingsland Road:

    Get delighted by enjoying the taste of Vietnamese cafes or dine in to dance at Latin music on this culturally-diverse road.

  • Green Lanes:

    A hangout place for most Kurdish, Greek and Turkish people, restaurants are available that offer foods locally found in these South-eastern European countries. You get to enjoy the real taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Brick Lane:

    You aren’t a real South Asian food lover if you haven’t tried the famous curries made by Bangladeshi chefs. Here is a place where you queue up with Londoners day & night to experience one of the best bagel bakeries in the country.

The most noteworthy characteristic of UK’s environment is the merger of different cultures and religions with negligible racial discrimination.