Cost of Living in UK

Standard average (monthly) cost of living in the UK (2021/22)

  • Food – ranges from £280 to £400
  • Accommodation (including utilities) – ranges from £655 to £790
  • Personal items – ranges from £130 to £250
  • Study costs – ranges from £45 to £100
  • Social activities – ranges from £45 to £115
  • Others – £20 to £55

However, your living cost is largely dependent on your living style. 

Yet, average cost of accommodation in London is around £158/- week, much higher as compared to Northern Ireland, where its £83/- week. But, you must consider whether the utility or internet bills are included as well as the travelling cost to reach your campus (If any).

Average monthly travelling cost in London is around £55 (if you get London travel cards and Oyster). Yet, food and drink cost you an average of £1900/- year.

In short, average cost of living that you might have to pay in the UK is in the range of £2,000 to £2,500 per month.