This is a high-class research based study program that requires students to show extreme amount of enthusiasm to illustrate why they are pursuing this degree. One must fulfill these requirements to secure a safe position in the top universities of the UK;

Academic qualification 

It is mandatory to give your all the preceding academic documents. One must have a postgraduate degree that affirms the eligibility of getting admission in PhD.  

Work experience 

As this is a high-class degree, some universities requires work experience along with the good academic results to check the level of seriousness of the applicant towards such higher studies.

Language clearance tests

One must give proof of proficiency of English language (ILETS, TOFEL, etc. with minimum 5.5 score) 

Funding the studies

Students need to proof of their self-sufficiency in funding all the expenditures of their studies.  


Some universities interview the applicant to closely analyse his/her internal capabilities and keenness towards completing this degree.   

Letter of recommendation 

A letter of recommendation is required from the previous institute or employer that serves as a reference and proof of good conduct and hard working persona of the applicant.         


This is not a separate requirement but a mandatory one for the students to show their passion in their application (personal statement) and interview to convince the officials of the University of why are they the perfect candidates for this degree, to secure their place in the prestigious universities of the UK.