How to Apply

Most universities in the UK follow the same admission process. In today’s admission process, most applications are computerized, and so prospective students have the option to either make an online application directly through the institute’s website or through the international recruitment partner (such as UCAS) of such universities.

Student Intake Period

Most students are admitted into the academic programme during the September-October period while some universities also offer intakes during January or February. There are a few institutes that also give admission in the month of May while some colleges offer up to four intakes annually.

Different Programmes of Study Available

The United Kingdom offers a range of degree programs including, Masters, Post graduate Diploma, Bachelor degrees, ACCA, CAT, CIMA, ESOL, IFA Diplomas, Higher National Diplomas and Advance Diplomas.

Packaged-Documents’ Requirements

The following are document that need to be submitted to the university within a single package.

1. Academic Transcripts & Certificates
2. Statement of purpose
3. Two Recommendation Letters (for few courses, and original letterheads preferably)
4. English Language Certificate – IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/BULATS/PTE
5. Three Passport size Photographs (optional)
6. Work Experience Certificate or Appointment letter (preferably on the original letterheads)

Conditional Offer to International Students

Students who have applied with an incomplete set of documents are accepted with the condition that their academic results are pending. A certain amount of course fee, about 50% may have to be deposited prior to the start of the first semester.

Lead Time for Admission

Depending upon the fulfillment of admission requirements, the delivery of offer letter can take from a day’s time to up to three weeks. For example, if the document for language proficiency has not been submitted by a student, then it definitely takes some time before student application is scrutinised and admission is offered.

Online Application

For admission into undergraduate programmes, online applications can be made via official university website or through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). UCAS is a renowned online admission process that enables a user (prospective student) to apply in up to five universities in the UK.
For admission into postgraduate programmes, online applications are made either via university website or through us for better assistance (and swift process). The following documents are mostly needed for submission:

1. All Academic documents
2. Academic reference letters from professors who have taught you most recently or employers.
3. Statement of Purpose
4. Curriculum Vitae / Resume (optional).
5. English proficiency test results
6. Portfolio (in case of Students applying for art and design courses & Architecture programs).
7. Others (Certificates / achievements at the State and National Level and extracurricular activities).
8. Passport copy
9. Photographs

Post-Application Form Procedure

After completion and final submission of your application and sealed documents, your application is considered by the Admission Tutor for your particular programme scheme and after approval from the admissions committee, a decision is communicated to the student. You will receive an email confirmation directly from the institute or through UCAS when the admission tutor has decided to offer admission. The student is required to provide feedback by responding to the unconditional offer. The decision has to be firmly accepted or declined through UCAS.
For acceptance in a postgraduate study programme, you have to reply either directly to the university or through us.
If you hold a conditional offer, the condition must be fulfilled by the student. The condition may be completion of certain subjects/courses and securing certain grades and/or making fee & security deposits. Options of payment depend upon the payment methods made available by the institute. Usually, fees for one semester or 50% of fee deposit is required to have your unconditional admission/confirmation of acceptance finalised for studies, which is issued by UKBA.

Obtaining a Valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a letter issued by the UK college/university which confirms that a place has been offered to you and that the course is a full-time programme. The CAS letter fully states details regarding the course, including how long the course will last. If your course is more advanced and specialised, the letter then states the level of English required for the course (citing minimum test marks, if appropriate) and confirms that you satisfy this requirement.