Why Choose United Kingdom?

Points Visa System

In UK, a distinct visa system has been adopted to offer prospective students a better chance to study at the Kingdom’s colleges and universities. A total of 40 points are needed to gain visa approval, from which 30 points are awarded for submitting a valid CAS issued by a licensed sponsor. The remaining 10 points are given for meeting the Maintenance (Funds) requirement. In short, points can be obtained by providing accurate information on visa application.

Top International Destination for Education

UK to this day remains one of the top 10 destinations in the world for international students to gain quality education. Once known to be fast-emerging, education in UK is now fast-changing and so its institutions have adapted to an environment where change is not seen as a problem, but as an opportunity for growth. Students receive an unparalleled level of education and gain professional skills that help them develop academically alongside a worthy multicultural experience.

Standard Qualification

One of the many facilities that the UK system of education offers is the planned social activities of the international student’s societies, academic support, and counselors to guide students in academic choices. The result for students is consistent – one of the lowest dropout rates in the world. Qualifications earned from UK institutions are recognised and respected in the corporate & education sections all over the world. Quality standards are among the highest in the world and institutions have continually proved that courses meet the criteria set by the education board. A number of countries have adopted education systems similar to that of UK.

Program Length

Undergraduate programmes in UK usually last for three years while postgraduate degree programmes are only one year long compared to the 4-year undergraduate and 2-year postgraduate programmes in other countries. Although the tuition and accommodation fees at UK’s educational institutions are comparatively high, the accumulated fee is less compared to other countries as degree courses are of shorter length. Only relevant courses are included and they are more efficient in terms of time and money.

Health Care System

Provision of health care is usually free for international students. They have the advantage to utilize the services of National Health Service (NHS) treatment, as well as subsidized medicines, dental treatment and optical care.

Development of Language Skills

The English Language is the ‘lingua franca’ of international communication, where can you learn it better than in the heartland of the English world? You will be able to develop key skills of speaking, writing and reading during your stay and benefit from any additional language courses that you may opt for. Public relations and networking are some of the benefits you can gain as a result of your language skills.

Course Range

The educational institutions at UK offer a broad range of courses and almost any course taught around the world is readily available here. All courses extend quality learning. Your investment will prove to be worthwhile in any course at UK as most courses are extremely industry-focused. Students who take university degree programmes can specialise in a number of fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, computer programming, civil engineering, satellite positioning technology or sound engineering to multi- media design, social sciences, anthropology, cross-cultural psychology, hotel management or dance. If you have ever heard about art history or genetic counselling, you will be glad to know that UK offers both and you may also study ‘pottery’.

Security Situation & Safety

The United Kingdom is recognised for being one of the safest destinations for international students to complete their higher education. The Kingdom has dealt with issues of racism and hate crimes in the past and passed laws that provide equal protection to its citizens and foreign guests. By demographics, UK is so diverse, you may be lucky to find one of your relatives living here. In case you don’t find any, there are host families available who offer residence facilities and services. Your institution is also available for your needs.