The UK educational system is spread on 9 levels that start from Entry level to Level 8 studies;

Initial three levels, from entry level to level 2 are GCSE (school), level 3 contains ‘A level’ (college) and from level 4 onwards the educational system spreads on foundation degree to doctorate. The below tabular data represents all the levels of UK educational system.

Entry-level, Level 1, and Level 2 are the beginning level steps towards advanced studies. They begin with the preliminary set of knowledge of basic subjects and gradually advance towards a more detailed knowledge of the study topics. Such levels prepare you to become capable of entering level 3.

Level 3 are National certificates that include the foundation level study, that contain deeper knowledge and are the pathways towards higher national certificates. These enable you to get admission in bachelors’ level studies. They are more crucial than the basic levels; entry, 1, and 2.

Level 4 are also called higher national certificates. These are the initial or first-level studies of B.A, etc. These certificates encompass non-routine and initial-level complex problem-solving educational areas.

It is referred to as a foundation degree that is equal to the second year of B.A., in which students get to learn various perspectives and approaches and can evaluate the practical aspects of what they are studying. Being a foundation degree, this level prepares students for the last level of B.A.

This level is the terminal level of B.A. This enables students to get the degree that is equivalent to graduate or bachelors with honours. Since it is the terminal level study of B.A, it includes evaluation of many complex issues and allows the learner to not only evaluate the problem but give its basic implications.

This level is also denoted as Master level or Postgraduate. This is a higher and even more professional-level of study that includes high depth researches. Level 7 degrees are based on highly research-oriented methodologies, thereby enabling students to secure appealing research careers.

This is the last level that one can do in the UK. This is a PhD level study. It is based on the evaluation of highly complex contemporary problems and enables students to attain a hands-on experience in critical theoretical as well as practical domains of study.