Travel to UK- Rules & Guidance (Covid-19)

Under the pandemic situation, the UK government has put some restriction in term of travelling to or from the UK.

The UK is maintaining three list for the countries worldwide, based on their COVID expansion situations;

  • Green list
  • Amber list
  • Red list

Your travel to the UK depends on where (in which country) you have spent your 10 days before you arrive at the UK. This decides the application of certain covid-19 protocols based on the three lists. Each list applies distinct rules for travelling to the UK. Here are some detailed rules that you need to consider prior to leaving for the UK;

Before going to specific rules for each list, few rules are common for everyone before one leave for the UK;

  • Providing authentic proof of negative covid-19 test (taken within 3 days before your arrival at the UK)
  • Completing a passenger locator form   

Yet, comprehensive rules for each list are;